Temerity is recruiting!

We are currently recruiting skilled, dedicated, drama-free players who are capable of being top 50-players. While we love applicants who have the same level of progression as Temerity, we understand that a lot of components need to click for a raiding guild to be highly successful; as such many excellent players are capable of succeeding in a more progressed guild than their previous experience might indicate. Because of this, we do not limit our recruitment to players from other top 50ish guilds: we welcome diamonds in the rough as well as polished gems.

When does Temerity raid?

We raid on the following schedule:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Muster at 7:45PM PST
  • 8:00PM until 12:00AM PST

Given our abbreviated schedule, we expect 100% attendance from recruits and 90% attendance from all raiders. It is crucial for us to be able to plan raids ahead of time and not spend large amounts of time shuffling raids, adjusting composition, asking people to play off-spec, etc. Occasional absence due to real-life conflicts will not be penalized, but continued absence and tardiness can result in demotion or EP penalties.

Am I a good candidate?

Successful applicants have substantial 25-man hard mode experience (if not in the current content, then in recent tiers), thorough knowledge of their class and spec, any ways their spec/rotation can be altered to maximize performance in each encounter, and a positive attitude. Applicants should be able to discuss their class in depth and provide logs that demonstrate superlative personal performance.

While Temerity casts a wide net for recruits in terms raiding history, in all cases we look for players whose logs demonstrate superior execution and survivability; these are much more important to us than your prior progression or gear. We believe that your logs are the singlemost important indicator of your potential.

If you tend to tunnel on a task and die during fights, we'll see it. If you tend to take on specialized jobs like interrupting, dispelling, or kiting, we'll see it. If your uptime on buffs/debuffs isn't what it should be, we'll see it. If you aren't timing your CDs well or using your ability procs fully, we'll see that, too.

We understand that some of our applicants will not have experienced some of Temerity's completed content first-hand. In these cases, applicants should still be able to demonstrate that they have researched these fights extensively (watched & read multiple strategy guides, read class-specific fight analysis, reviewed logs of guilds who have completed the fights, etc).

Starting with your first Temerity raid as a recruit, you need to be ready to step into any heroic encounter with thorough understanding of the encounter's mechanics and how you can optimize your contribution to the raid.

How do I apply?

If you think you are a good fit for Temerity's level of progression and raiding philosophy, please create an account in our forums and post an application in the Applications Go Here section. Your application will be visible to yourself and to Temerity members, but not to the general public or other applicants.

Please title your application with your character's current name and class/spec/role. Ensure that all sections of the application template are complete.

Please realize we have high expectations of recruits, and this is your best/only chance to impress us. Your gear, spec, and application will be scrutinized and you can expect a number of questions regarding choices you've made.

Have more questions?

Our Officers are more than happy to answer any questions not addressed by our website. Feel free to PM us via our forums or catch us in-game (chances are good at least one of us will be online or on an alt).


  • Valen (Guild Leader)
  • Paisley
  • Vulgrym


  • Healer: Fangthorn
  • Tanking : Kihra
  • Caster DPS: Turiyaa
  • Physical DPS: Vulgrym