MoP Mistweaver Calculations

Welcome to the Mistweaver Calculator! Enter your stats below and scroll down to view the relative efficiency and costs of the class's abilities. This calculator is a work in progress; if you see a bug or have suggestions, please PM Suzushiirou at Elitist Jerks.
Last updated: 9/2/13

Base Stats

Stat Character Sheet Baseline Values Buffed Values
Spell Power (int + weapon)
Attack Power (2x SP)
Crit Rating
Haste Rating Enter your haste rating before the serpent stance mutiplier; ie what your character sheet shows in tiger stance.
Mastery Rating
Spirit (OOC)
Weapon Damage From item tooltip
Weapon Spellpower
Weapon Type
Weapon Speed From item tooltip
Calculator Configuration
Meta gem
Flask Alchemist
Full Raid Buffs
Renewing Mist Target Count
Uplift Target Count Baseline; see TFT entries for when refreshed ones are present
SCK/Chi Torpedo Target Count
ZS: Detonate Target Count
Chi Burst Target Count
Include Mana Tea in spell cost Accounts for mana tea when calculating chi spell healing/chi and chi generator mana/chi.
Include mastery in healing done Accounts for healing done by mastery in a spell's total healing done.
You can adjust the percentage of mastery healing counted if you like to account for overhealing and/or jackasses who don't run over the balls.
2-piece tier 15Simmed as a 15.75% increase to ReM's healing per tick.
2-piece tier 16Simmed as 45% increase to mastery sphere healing
4-piece tier 16Simmed as an increase to ReM's healing per tick of .04 * half a chi wave bounce
AmplificationEnter the exact amplification bonus from Prismatic Prison of Pride %
Scaling Stat Delta (positive)
Haste Breakpoints
Renewing Mist
Enveloping Mist
Soothing Mist None! Soothing Mist currently
does not gain ticks.

Spell Scaling (values per point of stat)

Spell Base HPS Intellect Crit Mastery Haste
Spell Coefficients (per-target)

Mana-based Spells

SpellCast TimeHealing (per tick, target)EHCosthpmhpcthpsmastery healing
Soothing Mist Includes statue healing - from statue s duration procs
Surging Mist - procs
Expel Harm (glyphed) - procs
Healing Sphere Healing Sphere cannot proc mastery.
Renewing Mist targets, ticks, total s duration procs
Spinning Crane Kick estimated targets, ticks s duration procs
Rushing Jade Wind estimated targets, ticks procs


SpellCast TimeHealing (per tick, target)EHhpcthealing/cooldownmastery healing
Zen Sphere ticks s duration procs
Zen Sphere: Detonate estimated targets procs
Chi Burst estimated targets procs
Chi Wave estimated targets procs
Chi Torpedo estimated targets procs

Chi Builders

SpellCostChi GainChi per SecondMana per ChiHealing per Chi
Crackling Jade Lightning
Renewing Mist
Soothing Mist
Surging Mist
Expel Harm
Spinning Crane Kick

Chi-based Spells

Chi generatorChi generator to use for faux-hpm, hps w/ generator, and hpm w/generator calculations
SpellCast TimeHealing (per tick, target)EHCosthpchpcthpsmastery healingfaux-hpm hpct
Enveloping MistIf soothing is selected as your chi generator, this spell is considered to be cast while channeling soothing (instant, +30% soothing bonus factored in.) ticks s duration procs
Uplift - estimated targets procs
Uplift (w/TFT) Thunder Focus Tea refreshes the Renewing Mist on its targets; for calculation purposes, the numbers here are for the Uplift and four full duration Renewing Mist from refreshed Renewing Mist ticks. procs

Eminence Healing

Tiger Power Maintained
Muscle Memory
Include auto-attack healing in healing done Adds your healing done by auto-attack with 2 stacks of Serpent's Zeal to the healing of any spell that does not stop auto-attack.
Damage bonus Accounts for any damage bonuses in play, for fights such as Elegon and Wind Lord. %
SpellCast TimeDamageEHCosthpc/hpmhpcthpsmastery healingfaux-hpmhpct
White Swing n/a n/a n/a procs n/a n/a n/a
White Swing + Tiger StrikesMelee dps with tiger strikes bonus hits factored into the attack speed.
Note that this will be slightly lower than actual numbers becuase we don't calculate the fact that the hits aren't affected by the glancing blow penalty at present.
n/a n/a n/a procs n/a n/a n/a
Jab procs n/a n/a n/a
Crackling Jade Lightning over ticks s duration procs n/a n/a
Tiger Palm procs
Tiger Palm + Vital Mist procs (combined TP + 1/5 of surging)
Blackout Kick procs
Blackout Kick(2) procs
Blackout Kick(3) procs
Blackout Kick(4) procs
Blackout Kick(5) procs

Tiger Strikes (Simulated over a second fight.)

SpellExtra White Attacks (from TS buff)Tiger Strike AttacksExtra White DPSTiger Strikes DPSUptime
Tiger Strikes %

DPS Spells

SpellCast TimeDamage (per tick, target)Total DamageCostdpc/dpmdps
White Swing n/a n/a
Blackout Kick
Crackling Jade Lightning over ticks s duration
Tiger Palm

Regen talents/racials/etc

Power Strikes Goes off of your selected chi generator, so obviously ignore this if you selected something other than Jab/soothing/CJL
Chi BrewAssumes use on CD, of course
AscensionUtilizes fight length/tea stack usage/MM procs specified below
Arcane TorrentAssumes use on CD, of course
Human racialGoes off of spi given above after adjustments based on options, ie if you selected human racial this value "double-dips" with it
Pandaren racialAssumes 300 spirit food. Goes off of spi value given above after adjustments based on options, so it will "double-dip" if you selected panda racial+spi food above.
Gnome racialUtilizes fight length/tea stack usage/MM procs specified below
Revitalizing meta
Ember metaUtilizes fight length/tea stack usage/MM procs specified below
Courageous metaUtilizes proc value specified below. Takes haste into account.
1 spirit
1 crit ratingUtilizes fight length/tea stack usage specified below
1 intUtilizes fight length/tea stack usage specified below
Fight length(seconds)
Mana tea stacks used
Muscle Memory procs
Legendary diamond proc valueThe amount of mana you consier a proc of the Courageous Primal Diamond to be worth



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