Vulgrym: A Legendary Tease

Congratulations to Vulgrym, our Physical DPS Team Lead, on the completion of Temerity's second Shadowmourne! After getting 3 shards from the first 4 bosses last night, Vulgrym finally had his 50! With great excitement, we all headed downstairs to see the turn-in event and celebrate his achievement. Anticipation built as we waited. And waited. And... "Oh shoot, sorry guys! I left Shadow's Edge in my bank. BRB!" Such a tease.
This week we'll also be getting our second goody box; more to come on that soon. Even better, with Vulgrym's axe now complete, Trounce is now receiving shards and is well under way to completing our third Shadowmourne. We are currently on track to have it completed within the next two weeks. Oh, all the soul-swirling goodness!

Now Recruiting for a Balance Druid, Discipline/Holy Priest, Restoration Shaman, and exceptional DPS!

Temerity is a Top-100 US guild interested in players of the highest caliber. We raid three nights a week for a total of ten and a half hours and are very successful in achieving early kills on the hardest bosses in the game. Just check out our Progression Highlights on the left and our WoWProgress status.
We are now recruiting the specific classes noted above, as well as exceptional DPS in general.  Class is less important than solid execution, blistering numbers, and stratospheric levels of raid awareness. 
If you like to stand in the fire or don't have the determination to work through hard mode progression, we aren't the guild for you. But if you have a proven track record of downing the toughest bosses before they've been nerfed to the ground, know your class inside out, have cleared all the current Cataclysm bosses in 25m normal, and have downed a few of them on Heroic, then we encourage you to put in an application today!  

Shadowmourne, Goodies, and Insanity - Oh My!

Who doesn't love a belated update?
First and foremost, congratulations to Valen on his shiny new Shadowmourne!
Because the goody box that comes with the quest completion was just too good for one person to keep, several lucky-rolling raiders also shared in the spoils. Grats to Chaotiq on Tabard of the Lightbringer, Jcmuimui on Sylvanas' Music Box, Senke on Muradin's Favor, Riggors on Jaina's Locket, and Leona on Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger
Our Physical DPS Team Lead, Vulgrym, is currently collecting shards for our next Shadowmourne.  We can't wait to pillage his box, too!
As a small side note, although we should have been able to announce our completion of A Tribute to Insanity (25 player) much much sooner, we are now finally able to do so. Congratulations to our raiders on finally shaking the 48-49 attempt remaining curse and getting the achievement that has been in our grasp since last year.

Sin No More! Temerity now 11/12!

Six pulls and the penultimate progression boss in Icecrown falls to Temerity.  Not much to say about the fight -- do it right and the boss falls over!  Great work, everyone.  Now only one target remains -- Heroic Mode Lich King, the unholy melding of Arthas Menethil and the Orc Shaman Ner'zhul, the most epic boss in the history of World of Warcraft.  The race is on!

Heroic Lady Deathwhisper Down!

The positioning of Lady Deathwhisper -- considered one of the harder Heroic modes -- proves frustrating for a guild with only a few days to raid each week. After several weeks of just a few hours of practice, last night we went in and one-shot one of the harder Heroic modes to date. Great work, everyone! Keep it up!

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