Defenders of a Shattered World! Oh Yeah, and Heroic Halfus Down!

Temerity has been off to a great start in Cataclysm, now having finished off the normal modes to achieve Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider as well as achieving our Defenders of a Shattered World titles. Nefarian especially is an interesting fight; quite a challenge, even for a normal mode, and proves that the hardest earned victories are the best victories. In addition, we've also downed Heroic Halfus. Onwards to more Heroics! Stay tuned for further updates!

The Cataclysm is Nigh!

With Heroic Lich King and Heroic Halion safely on farm for months now, things have been a bit quiet -- but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. Each week, we've been picking up an Invincible and a Mimiron's Head for our raiders, and now have over thirty of them. Great work, everyone! While nothing beats new content, it's nice to have something cool to remember Wrath of the Lich King with.

We're always recruiting, too. Check out the left of the page for what we're looking for.

Yet Another Dragon Down... But So Many More Are Coming!

Deathwing's minion is dust. With Heroic Ruby Sanctum complete we've beaten the game - well done, all! While Northrend is ours, Cataclysm is fast approaching. We'll be keeping our skills sharp and our ambitions high in anticipation of the many challenges that still await us. Stay thirsty my friends.

Hell... It's About Time!

What a long, strange trip it's been! The first three and half months of our heroic Lich King progression were a marathon of '2 steps forward, 1 step back' challenges: having 3 main tanks learn the fight and then have to step away from the game for real life issues; losing fabulous healers and DPS to real life demands or progression burnout; recruiting new raiders and building their level of expertise with the fight's mechanics. These are the kinds of challenges that can and have killed many WotLK raiding guilds.

In the past few weeks everything has finally come together - the right strategy, the right team, the right quality of execution. Tonight our plucky young 10.5hr guild put the exploding shadow traps and monstrous defiles in the rear-view mirror with our first heroic Lich King 25 kill. Congratulations to all of our raiders, and huge thanks for your dedication and patience during this epic battle, made all the more epic by the extra challenges we faced along the way. Special congratulations to Spacealien, our Invincible Resto Shammy!

With heroic Lich King down, we'll soon be turning our attention to heroic Halion and finishing up ICC 25 meta mounts for everyone. To the victors go the very well deserved spoils!

Vulgrym: A Legendary Tease

Congratulations to Vulgrym, our Physical DPS Team Lead, on the completion of Temerity's second Shadowmourne! After getting 3 shards from the first 4 bosses last night, Vulgrym finally had his 50! With great excitement, we all headed downstairs to see the turn-in event and celebrate his achievement. Anticipation built as we waited. And waited. And... "Oh shoot, sorry guys! I left Shadow's Edge in my bank. BRB!" Such a tease.
This week we'll also be getting our second goody box; more to come on that soon. Even better, with Vulgrym's axe now complete, Trounce is now receiving shards and is well under way to completing our third Shadowmourne. We are currently on track to have it completed within the next two weeks. Oh, all the soul-swirling goodness!

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