Realm First: Heroic Nefarian!

Awesome raiding week, Temerity! Be sure to check out the excellent video Oji made for this kill. Be sure to check out Windrunner's top raiding guild in action... and stay tuned for more realm firsts!

Valerion and Thelma.. Voltron and Thun... V... TWO DRAGONS DEAD

Turns out this pair of dragons is easier to kill than remember or pronounce their names. A quick half night of progression brings Temerity to 8/13 Heroics! Sadly, these post-nerf dragons aren't really worth a screenshot, but that's fine, because our next pair of dragons certainly will be -- stay tuned for news of of the defeat of two even more dead dragons!

Lightning Conductor works much better in a crowd, yes?

There may have been no light cycles in this version of Tron, but there certainly are plenty of different things going on. Sadly we were rushed to move on to other content so getting a screenshot wasn't in the cards, but after just over two nights of attempts, Temerity has downed another Heroic boss -- Omnotron Council! Yet another awesome fight in this tier where you only truly understand the mechanics once you try hard mode.

As a bonus, we had a fun guild achievement tonight as well. While there is no screenshot of the boss, here is the achievement spam.

Great job, Temerity!

Re"sounding" successes! H. Atramedes and H. Conclave down!

Two more hard modes down this week -- check out our Conclave videos (Atramedes is on the way). Conclave is definitely the more interesting fight, as Atramedes was recently nerfed into the ground (going from a fight you pretty much had to exploit to win into a fight pretty much any guild can kill). Splitting the raid always makes for challenging fights, and the way Conclave is designed is quite impressive -- yet another amazing encounter in an expansion full of awesome raiding. Thanks to Oji and Whiskeiy, we have two great videos that show both the Nature and Wind platforms, providing a very nice view of how we tackled this split raid.

Slayers of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

Heroic Maloriak down! This brings Temerity to 3/12 HM. Not much to say; this is a grueling, execution intensive ten minute fight that demands absolute perfection.

The fight has a lot of interesting flavor -- Nefarian (voiced by Chris Metzen, like half the bosses in the game) taunts you and his minion during the fight, and ultimately, when you kill him, everyone alive gets a short buff that grants the title ", Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions. Sadly, it goes away when you die or it the buff expires. Nice touch, Blizzard!

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