No More Morrowgrain... finally.

It's been a long journey, Fandral Staghelm. You had us collect Morrowgrain for years and for no discernable purpose. Man, that sucked. So here's your payback. Fandral Staghelm, dead at ~9,000 years old.

Joking aside, it's hard to even call this a hard mode. Five pulls. Pretty straight forward and, much like Shannox, left us wondering "is that it?" Oh well, now it's time for the real fun... we're 6/7 now, so that means it's time for Heroic Ragnaros himself! Somehow I suspect that won't be quite so easy.

You shall not pass! Er, actually, we shall.

After a number of rough pulls where the fight just wasn't clicking, and with time running out on the raiding week, on what was our last few pulls, we made a major healing strategy change -- and killed ourselves a new boss! Heroic Baleroc 25, dead. Next up, Majordomo, and then the big cheese himself.

Great work, folks! Five down, two to go!

Come on, birdy, light my fire!

Okay, it's clear from this tier that Blizzard has mastered the amazing technology of red rolling balls. Seriously, they're in the dailies, they're in Ragnaros, and now they're in Heroic Alysrazor! Speaking of Heroic Alysrazor... congratulations, Temerity, on the US 33rd Heroic 25 kill!

This is actually a great fight, despite the arguable overuse of the rolling red ball of death visual. While not hugely different from the normal mode, it is unquestionably less forgiving and more intense. The fight as a whole really adds a fun mechanic (for healers, anyway) -- moving while healing! Hard mode really ramps it up, though, with tight DPS checks, unforgiving interrupts, near instant tank deaths, and a metric boatload of more damage. Oh, and the rolling meteors add a nice line-of-sight challenge. Nonetheless, Temerity was up to the challenge, and 29 pulls later, we have a dead bird. Oh, and I hear the tanks and dps get to have some fun, too.

On to Baleroc!

Debugging never felt so good... Beth'tilac squashed!

Another excellent fight. This one is tuned incredibly tightly -- after a number of close pulls, and a lot of strategy tweaking, we finally squashed this bug. Really a well made fight, and one clearly intended to be done with better gear -- in a month, this fight won't be nearly as exciting. Getting an early kill is very rewarding. Video forthcoming, but it may get "lost" as I don't want to be seen dying twice. Fortunately I raid with a lot of better players than myself and they carried me to a new achievement.

Onward to Alysrazor!

Just like that, 2/7 Heroic!

This tier is going fast. In one night, we took down Heroic Shannox (which is a peculiarly easy fight... apparently an intentional loot piñata) and the considerably more interesting Lord Rhyolith! Featured below, this lovely rock... thing... likes to cause some trouble with volcanos, magma trails, and generally fill your screen with a red, chaotic mess.

Forgive the short update; progression is moving quickly and we have a lot of bosses still to kill. For now, enjoy this nice picture of Temerity cuddled up in the warmest spot in Firelands -- Lord Rhyolith's tai... tail section. Yes, tail section.

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