Legen... wait for it... dary! Congratulations, Gamadias!

We began this tier wondering what the world needed. Peace? Harmony? Sufficient food and clean water to form the foundation of modern living in the third world? Sadly those goals are well outside of our reach, so we went another route.

We decided the world needed another overpowered Rogue with some legendary weapons. And so it is done!

Congratulations to Gamadias, wielder of Golad, Twilight of Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages! After feeding our beloved rogue (who plays with precisely one addon, you guessed it, a damage meter) a seemingly endless amount of Elementium Gem Clusters, just this past week it finally paid off.

And what did the lovely Gamadias do 15 seconds after completing the Legendary? Just like tradition holds with all Legendaries our guild makes, he went straight into Random Battlegrounds, of course, to "test them out" (or, more precisely, be even more overpowered and destroy unsuspecting horde).

Congratulations, Gama! Well deserved.

Poor Ultraxion

All he wanted to do was destroy all life on Azeroth. Instead, he got beaten into a pulp and utterly destroyed with a whole minus two seconds on the enrage timer. Okay, maybe that doesn't qualify as being beaten into a pulp, but seriously, this fight is intense, and dying during the final cast of his "wipe the raid, you took too long to kill me spell" is pretty common. And thusly he died for Temerity. Sadly he leaves no corpse, so our exciting screenshot is just a pile of bones, a gnome, and the now-empty platform where the Aspects stood around basically not doing much of anything while we did the real work.

Early Dragon Soul Progress!

The start of a new tier is always busy, but now with LFR, it's even more crazy. In some ways it feels like ToC all over again, running the same instance multiple times, but at least the encounters are more interesting. In our first two weeks, Temerity has downed the first four heroic bosses! Morchock's a pile of rubble, Zon'ozz is catching some Zzzs, the jello boss Yor'sajh is dining on his own special slime, and Hagara, who like all bad shaman couldn't even be bothered to drop totems, has been sent packing. Bosses fell over so quickly it was difficult to make time to update the website, but check out our awesome videos to see us conquer each boss.

Great work, Temerity! More coming!

By Temerity Be Purged: Realm First, Heroic Ragnaros!

Two hundred and fifty one pulls, two hundred and fifty wipes... not counting accidental pulls, of course. Finally, late on a Sunday, with only time for a handful of pulls left, Temerity engaged Ragnaros the Firelord and emerged victorious! Despite the nerfs over the past few weeks, this boss remains an incredible challenge, and the excitement and heart-pumping last few percent were as intense as any encounter Temerity has ever faced.

While the fight demands perfect play from everyone, in Phase 4, the fight hinges on proper Dreadflame mopping, tank switching, and meteor management. Major props to our awesome, selfless team of Dreadflame handlers for delivering an amazing P4 where the rest of the raid could hammer home the DPS to bring down the Firelord.

Of course, a fight like this requires an extraordinary team, and Temerity is truly fortunate to have an amazing roster of world-class raiders. We raid only three nights a week for only ten and a half total hours, and to nail the US 36th kill of this boss is a tremendous feat. Congratulations, Temerity, on being the top US three night guild!

Grats to Grullnor, too, for a lucky roll on Smoldering Egg of Millagazor! Many more to follow, of course!

Check out the multiple videos of our kill in our Media section!

Is That a Legendary Staff in Your Pocket...

...or are you just happy to see Paisley? Congratulations to Paisley on Temerity's (and Windrunner's) first Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest! Sadly, it was tough to get a nice screenshot of the in-game event as half the server just had to fly up and see what the hell was going on in the sky above Stormwind.

Temerity awards the Legendaries -- especially the first Legendary -- to outstanding players who have shown long-term and tireless dedication to the guild. As an officer, our treasurer, and a twisted, pseudo-den mother, Paisley is truly deserving of such a unique weapon. We're well under way on our next few as well -- hopefully we'll have time to make plenty before 4.3 lands and we collectively shove them in every exposed orifice on Deathwing's cracked body.

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