Dragon Soul Zero Crushed!

How better to end Temerity's most successful tier of raiding, as well as celebrate our three year anniversary, than to clear out the entire Dragon Soul instance... with the 30% buff turned off! We call it "Dragon Soul Zero." Clearly the hardest content currently in the game, and the only remaining challenge left before Temerity ravages the misty continent of Pandaria. Challenge accepted, challenge met.

Great job, guys. Every single person played at a level that, after months of boring farming, was refreshing and even astonishing. With only a handful of wipes as we readjusted to the encounters' different timing, we really just rolled the place like it was LFR. Fantastic teamwork by everyone.

As the last few weeks of Cataclysm wane, Temerity finishes its preparation for Mists -- checking off items on our collective todo lists, so to speak. Windrunner's premiere guild is ready to hit the ground running and push over bosses faster and harder than ever before.

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Temerity is now selling mounts and loot from Dragon Soul!

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Heroic Cataclysm Completed, aka, I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face!

Ahh, Deathwing. He may have broken Azeroth but Temerity broke him. While the pace of nerfs was a little suboptimal and the fights themselves were perhaps a bit repetitive and peculiarly tuned, I will say Blizzard did, at least, deliver two fights that weren't your standard dragon fights with some impressive graphics and an epic ending to the expansion. So, awesome work, Temerity! Azeroth is saved... at least until the Pandas invade. I'm sure we'll kick their asses too.

Congratulations to Temerity for Windrunner's Realm First Heroic Deathwing kill, and to Iconoclast and yours truly on the guild's first Life-Binder's Handmaiden! Oh yeah, and congratulations for the sweet, sweet purples both parts of this dragon dropped for us.

Like the legendary-but-not-orange Whale Shark, however, Temerity never stops moving forward. Up next: mounts for everyone, more legendaries, BiS loot for everyone, and achievements all around. And then... panda slaughter!

Outstanding work, guys. Great ending to a solid tier and expansion. We've come a long way, and it only gets better from here. It truly is a privilege to raid with such amazing players and accomplish things on a schedule that is simply absurdly short. You guys really are the reason the game is fun for me personally and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Brokeback Dragon

After some hot raid-on-dragon action, Temerity has safely killed Deathwing... well, half of Deathwing. In one of the most obnoxious and disappointingly designed fights ever, one that demanded, until yesterday, extreme class stacking, Blizzard has given us a fight that pretty much no one can enjoy. Nevertheless, despite the sudden and unexpected nerf, and despite disappointing roster churn earlier in the tier (hitting precisely the classes needed for this fight!), we prevailed with spirits still high. And now, on to Madness and hopefully a swift end to what has proven to be one of the more meh end-of-expansion tiers Blizzard has yet made.


Legen... wait for it... dary! Congratulations, Gamadias!

We began this tier wondering what the world needed. Peace? Harmony? Sufficient food and clean water to form the foundation of modern living in the third world? Sadly those goals are well outside of our reach, so we went another route.

We decided the world needed another overpowered Rogue with some legendary weapons. And so it is done!

Congratulations to Gamadias, wielder of Golad, Twilight of Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages! After feeding our beloved rogue (who plays with precisely one addon, you guessed it, a damage meter) a seemingly endless amount of Elementium Gem Clusters, just this past week it finally paid off.

And what did the lovely Gamadias do 15 seconds after completing the Legendary? Just like tradition holds with all Legendaries our guild makes, he went straight into Random Battlegrounds, of course, to "test them out" (or, more precisely, be even more overpowered and destroy unsuspecting horde).

Congratulations, Gama! Well deserved.

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