Temerity Wants to Buy From You!

As the Mists of Pandaria part to reveal an exciting new world full of stuff to be farmed and bosses to be killed, Temerity is pleased to offer everyone on Windrunner a chance to get gold in their pockets and a heroic title over their head. We know that no raiding guild succeeds entirely on their own, and we want to give more than just gold back to Windrunner in recognition of and appreciation for the server's support

Here’s How it Works!

We will buy materials directly from you (via COD to Paisley) at market rates. You’ll be able to pocket fast gold, bypass the auction house cut, avoid the risk of losing your deposit, and be logged in our contributor spreadsheets for a chance to win.

There are two ways to win exclusive titles and gear. First, if you are our top contributor overall you will win the Grand Prize. Second, all contributors are eligible to be one of the 3 additional winners we will randomly select from the raffle pool. For every 1,000g worth of materials we purchase from you, you will get one entry into our prize raffle. Even one batch of materials (including drops from leveling) can make you a winner, but the more you sell to us the better your chances will be!

The Raffle Prizes

Temerity is historically one of the first guilds on server (and often the first) to down new heroic content and obtain heroic gear, and this is your chance to get awesome titles and best-in-slot gear before the vast majority of WoW players even see these heroic bosses.

Two of the first raids, Mogu’shan Vaults and Terrace of the Endless Spring, offer the new titles ‘Delver of the Vaults’ and ‘The Fearless’ (respectively), and contain a smorgasbord of fantastic loot options for our winners.

The Grand Prize includes all of the following:

  • (Title) Delver of the Vaults
  • (Title) The Fearless
  • A gear item of your choice from one of these raid zones

The Runner-Up Prizes include the winner's choice of the following:

  • (Title) Delver of the Vaults & (Title) The Fearless
  • OR
  • One Title of your choice & One gear item of your choice from that raid zone

Please have several back-up items in mind in case your first choice item does not drop.

What We Are Buying

Our needs are widely varied, and subject to change as the expansion continues. Initially, we are buying unlimited quantities of all items below. Bold items are especially desirable.


  • Fool's Cap
  • Golden Lotus
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Silkweed
  • Snow Lily


  • Ghost Iron
  • Paired Trillium Ores


  • Jewel Danio


  • Raw Tiger Steak

Fine Print & Logistics

If you are interested in entering the raffle, please include with each COD package the Battletag number that we should enter in the raffle. Submissions without a Battletag number will be purchased, but cannot be entered in the raffle pool.

All CODs should be mailed to Paisley. As market rates can vary widely over the course of a day at the beginning of an expac, we may return COD'd goods that are priced out of line with prices at the time of receipt. Feel free to consult Paisley to verify that we are in agreement on the value of your goods to avoid any complications. You will receive your gold generally within a few hours, and never more than 24 hours.

Winners will be determined the day after Temerity completes Heroic T14 25man content. We will begin running Winners through as soon as possible thereafter (bear in mind that generally a few weeks are required to refine the final kill to be able to comfortably carry a non-raider through). We will run the Grand Prize winner first, and additional winners as suits their schedule.

If you have any inquiries regarding our materials drive raffle, please speak with Valen or Paisley in-game, or e-mail us at sales@temerityofwindrunner.com.

Dragon Soul Zero Crushed!

How better to end Temerity's most successful tier of raiding, as well as celebrate our three year anniversary, than to clear out the entire Dragon Soul instance... with the 30% buff turned off! We call it "Dragon Soul Zero." Clearly the hardest content currently in the game, and the only remaining challenge left before Temerity ravages the misty continent of Pandaria. Challenge accepted, challenge met.

Great job, guys. Every single person played at a level that, after months of boring farming, was refreshing and even astonishing. With only a handful of wipes as we readjusted to the encounters' different timing, we really just rolled the place like it was LFR. Fantastic teamwork by everyone.

As the last few weeks of Cataclysm wane, Temerity finishes its preparation for Mists -- checking off items on our collective todo lists, so to speak. Windrunner's premiere guild is ready to hit the ground running and push over bosses faster and harder than ever before.

Also don't forget, when Mists arrives, Deathwing and Ragnaros will stop dropping mounts! Get yours while you still can. Check out our Sales Page and contact us today before time runs out.

Temerity is now selling mounts and loot from Dragon Soul!

Temerity is now selling the exclusive end-boss mounts, titles, and achievements, as well as loot from any encounter in Firelands or Dragon Soul! Now's your chance to get Life-Binder's Handmaiden or Smoldering Egg of Millagazor, or perhaps a Best-in-Slot weapon from Heroic Deathwing himself!

Check out our Sales page for prices, details, availability, etc. If there's something you'd want but don't see, let us know and we can work something out. A great way to get mounts and loot from the toughest encounters in the game while seeing the fights in their full glory!

Heroic Cataclysm Completed, aka, I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face!

Ahh, Deathwing. He may have broken Azeroth but Temerity broke him. While the pace of nerfs was a little suboptimal and the fights themselves were perhaps a bit repetitive and peculiarly tuned, I will say Blizzard did, at least, deliver two fights that weren't your standard dragon fights with some impressive graphics and an epic ending to the expansion. So, awesome work, Temerity! Azeroth is saved... at least until the Pandas invade. I'm sure we'll kick their asses too.

Congratulations to Temerity for Windrunner's Realm First Heroic Deathwing kill, and to Iconoclast and yours truly on the guild's first Life-Binder's Handmaiden! Oh yeah, and congratulations for the sweet, sweet purples both parts of this dragon dropped for us.

Like the legendary-but-not-orange Whale Shark, however, Temerity never stops moving forward. Up next: mounts for everyone, more legendaries, BiS loot for everyone, and achievements all around. And then... panda slaughter!

Outstanding work, guys. Great ending to a solid tier and expansion. We've come a long way, and it only gets better from here. It truly is a privilege to raid with such amazing players and accomplish things on a schedule that is simply absurdly short. You guys really are the reason the game is fun for me personally and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Brokeback Dragon

After some hot raid-on-dragon action, Temerity has safely killed Deathwing... well, half of Deathwing. In one of the most obnoxious and disappointingly designed fights ever, one that demanded, until yesterday, extreme class stacking, Blizzard has given us a fight that pretty much no one can enjoy. Nevertheless, despite the sudden and unexpected nerf, and despite disappointing roster churn earlier in the tier (hitting precisely the classes needed for this fight!), we prevailed with spirits still high. And now, on to Madness and hopefully a swift end to what has proven to be one of the more meh end-of-expansion tiers Blizzard has yet made.


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