Temerity Lays Waste to Lei Shen! (and makes Ra-den a has-been, too)

It's no secret that the real boss of the Throne of Thunder is Lei Shen, and true to our hopes, he proved to be a formidable opponent! Reminiscent of some of the more memorable end boss fights (particularly Ragnaros), he brought Temerity an epic fight that we'd been hoping for all tier. It wasn't easy but once we pushed him over and stole his purples, we came to Ra-den. Steeped in lore, this guy, while not bringing quite the difficulty of Lei Shen (or even most of the other bosses of the tier), proves to be a fun, fast paced fight. Hurray, another Titan watcher freed!

And so, Temerity brings Tier 15 to an end. Overall, this tier has been tremendously rewarding and enjoyable -- easily the best tier since Firelands, perhaps even Ulduar. The team really came together and took on this long, challenging tier with aplomb. Great job, everyone! Time to prepare for Tier 16!

Temerity the Fearless!

Sha of Fear; what an encounter. A crazy phase one where the slightest error can necessitate a wipe, and then fifteen minutes of a solid, untextured blue expanse make up the final encounter of the first raid tier of Mists of Pandaria... and Temerity has defeated it! This boss is a very interesting fight that, at its core, is repetitive, but the natural evolution of the phases result in a very stressful, chaotic experience.

Great job, everyone -- this is Temerity's best tier with the US 18th Heroic 25 man clear! This fight -- much like the tier as a whole -- was an unforgiving marathon with a sprint at the end that was both enjoyable and rewarding. Well done, folks... and now, we farm, to prepare for 5.2 and the Thunder King!

Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer dead!

Maybe it's just me, but there's something very fulfilling about debugging things, and there isn't anything much buggier than the Heart of Fear! Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer is now dead, despite the holiday season, weddings, and other travels conspiring to muck with our raid schedule. Great work, Temerity! We're now 13/16H and ready to tear apart Terrace!

Heroic Heart of Fear had some of the more interesting and more trying fights in the instance. Everywhere you turned, there were bugs to kill, often with some of the more interesting mechanics Blizzard has created to date. With the end of the tier in sight, Temerity has its sights aimed on Heroic Sha of Fear. Stay tuned!

(Oh, also, I've been told to put some funny bug and/or Starship Trooper references here, but none come to mind. Suggestions welcome.)

We Can Dance When We Want To

It's been a busy few weeks of progression! Temerity is off to an awesome start, having attained the 25th US kill of Heroic Will of the Emperor! As a complex fight with many moving parts, everyone had to play their best, but with particularly crucial roles, our Mages and Death Knights rose to the occasion. Of course, our tanks (a purple power ranger and a dancing bear) and our melee danced their parts to hammer the bosses and help secure the kill, too. There can be no doubt; we can dance when we want to. We delved the vaults, knocked out some busted machinery, and plundered the Titans' own loot. Not bad!

Killing Heroic Will, of course, requires a full clear of the rest of the bosses on Heroic difficulty. So far, the Heroic bosses in Mists are proving to be interesting and engaging, albeit perhaps sometimes undertuned. No doubt Sha of Fear and Grand Empress Shek'zeer will prove to be worthy opponents! And of course, in the days following our victorious dance party, we've been busy pushing through Heroic Heart of Fear and, soon, Terrace, where we will take on the Sha himself.

Mogu'shan 25 Normal Cleared in 8 Hours!

Our week of hard work has paid off -- Temerity has cleared Mogu'shan 25 in two nights. The start of an expansion is always a tricky time; between gearing and our family/career-friendly schedule, it can be rough to dive right into raiding. This time, though, it was the opposite: we slammed into Mogu'shan Vaults like a sledgehammer, plundering its depths and clearing it completely using only two of our three nights.

Great play by everyone; every pull was a marked improvement as we refined execution and strategy until everything just clicked and bosses exploded their tender, purple insides all over our screens. Truly a fantastic week of raiding. Grats to everyone on their loot, but right now, our eyes are on next week... and heroics!

In addition, Temerity scored 10 out of the 11 Realm First 90s for their classes, and the overall Realm First 90 across all classes! Great work by everyone in getting prepared for the expansion, and especially to our Realm First 90s: Kaetzchen (Realm First 90 across all classes), Sweetbarrow, Netherblood, Gaist, Valen, Kevhore, Paisley, Handssome, Kihra, Vulgrym, Vll, Krauth, and Ishtal! (Yes, that's more than 10 people: many of our members generously shared with each other). Keep up the great work!

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