Mythic Imperator Mar'gok down!

Great job, Temerity! After a drought between expansions, Blizzard delivers one of the more interesting and difficult bosses in quite a while... and in the middle of a split tier, no less! This guy, and his surprise two headed friend, is no laughing matter, but now he's just another sparkling corpse. Glad this one is ogre -- onward to Blackrock Foundry!

Also, this is the second time we've had to kill Cho'gall. Once for each head, perhaps? Hopefully this time it will stick.

Heroic Garrosh Down! Temerity Takes Out Orgrimmar's Trash

What a tier! Hell, what an expansion! In what was probably the best raiding expansion ever, if not just plain the best expansion ever, Blizzard definitely brought us some very challenging fights, interesting encounter designs, and, somehow, a tier culminating with the defeat of a faction leader. I have to say, Mists of Pandaria has been a pretty epic journey.

In downing Heroic Garrosh, Temerity places as US 15th 25-Man. A damn fine finish, and one that, honestly, wasn't something I would have ever dreamed I'd have seen, given our schedule and approach to raiding. Somehow, though, we pulled it off. Thanks to a tremendous amount of preparation, analysis, patience, and teamwork, we have finished this tier very strong. It's an honor and humbling to raid with these awesome people, and I can't wait for the next expansion.

Congratulations, Temerity, on an excellent tier and expansion! Drink in the feeling of accomplishment and have a nice Thanksgiving, because there's no rest for the the wicked. Now we get ready for Warlords of Draenor! Soon we'll be selling all loot from Siege of Orgrimmar, including the epic Garrosh mounts, titles, and heirlooms. Stay tuned!

Ya' ever wonder how magnets work?

Finally, an interesting fight worthy of being called Heroic! After 11 bosses -- many interesting, but none particularly challenging -- Siegecrafter Blackfuse finally presented us an interesting and intricate fight. With so much going on (lasers, fire, lasers that make fire, angry bombs, angrier bombs that make more angry bombs, and a vicious belt), it's a fight that demands considerable coordination and significant personal responsibility. We loved it! After just under 75 pulls, we dismantled this boss's mechanics and cracked the Siege Crafter's suit wide open.

Great work, Temerity!

Orgrimmar Deloused

The new tier is here! The first week is always a big unknown; what will tuning be like? Will the instance be bugged (and I don't mean the Klaxxi kind)? Will broken addons and dead computers drive us nuts? None of that happened this time around! A very stable launch and reasonably tuned encounters start what is hopefully one of the best tiers yet. The variety in Siege of Orgrimmar is quite impressive, and while the normal modes may have been a little easy for Heroic raiding guilds, we have little doubt that Heroic Modes will provide quite a challenge.

Grats to Temerity for a two night clear! Great job, guys. Now for a quick dip back into ToT right before Heroics start.

Update: Kill Video (Resto Druid POV)

Debugging Raid Lag

Between tiers, we decided to spend some time conducting tests to help diagnose exactly what causes the very annoying raid lag often seen in 25 man raids (particularly Heroic raids). Our testing found some interesting results, which we shared with Blizzard. It would seem our testing was helpful to Blizzard, who replied to the thread and is working on the specific issues we found. Check out our thread in the Blizzard forums. It's nice to be able to help diagnose such a frustrating issue, and humbling to get so many kind comments from our fellow raiding guilds.

Hopefully this will give everyone a smoother, less frustrating 5.4 experience! Speaking of Siege of Orgrimmar... Progression is Coming. Check out our new progression streaming section (left hand navigation) and join us as we to save Kalimdor, defeat Garrosh, and totally, totally trash Orgrimmar while we do it.

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